Why DNA Test Important

dna test

When you hear the words, “Why DNA Testing?” what comes to mind is often a legal proceeding involving long hours of talking and perhaps even heated discussions between attorneys and law enforcement officials. The reality is that there are a number of reasons why DNA testing may be necessary and they have nothing to do with any courtroom proceedings. While it’s true that some DNA testing cannot be performed in a court of law because it is a legal issue, there are a number of reasons why it may be desirable or necessary for people to have their DNA tested.

For instance, we often hear about people whose ancestors were left behind in a DNA testing. Their claim to be descendants of said ancestor can be determined if their DNA is found in the same place as said ancestor. This is possible because our DNA is all unique to our genetic make-up. What this means is that no two people will have exactly the same DNA. In addition, the reason why a test is conducted is also important because there are situations where people want to know if they are related to each other.

Another reason why DNA testing may be needed is when people want to prove they are not related to someone who is blood-related. In order to do this, samples can be taken from the subjects and compared to samples in the public registries. If matching results are found, then the claim to be blood-relative can be validated.

Besides finding out if someone is in fact related to another person, there are other reasons why it is important to have a DNA test. For instance, some individuals and companies use DNA testing as a way to determine the genuineness of a person when they apply for a job. Without evidence of a test, it could be difficult to verify claims of employment and insurance eligibility. For that reason, testing can prevent many claims from being rejected by employers.

Those who work in criminal justice settings also benefit from the ability to obtain DNA samples without fear of legal repercussions. DNA testing can help solve crimes by providing evidence against suspects and helping to determine innocence or guilt. Without the ability to test DNA, it would be nearly impossible to solve crimes such as murders, DUIs, and sex crimes.

There are many reasons why DNA testing is important for human beings. The next time you consider undergoing a DNA test, ask yourself the question, “Why?” You may be surprised to find out that the answers may surprise you. After all, the benefits of testing might make it more than worth the expense!


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